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We can't afford to lose Sorenson complex

  Just because I spent three years sitting in the bleachers watching my son Nicholas playing Little League on the ballfields at Sorenson.
   Just because my daughter Emily learned to swim in the Sorenson pool.
   Just because Nicholas and I went to a lot of Cub Scout and Boy Scout meetings in the Sorenson gym.
   Just because Emily has had her last three birthday parties in the Sorenson pool.
   Just because last Mother's Day when I was doing my usual last minute shopping, I found the perfect gift--and card, to boot--at the Farmers Market in the Sorenson parking lot.
   Just because it is oftentimes hard to find a parking space at Sorenson because so many people are using it.
   Just because I have attended almost 300 meetings in the last four years on City Council business at Sorenson.
   Just because I have seen Sorenson and the old Woodinville schoolhouse used and used and used.
   But mostly because we can't afford to lose it, I'm going to vote YES for the Community Center bond issue on Sept. 17th. What about you?

Don Brocha, Deputy Mayor, Woodinville