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Give the other guy (or gal) a break

give others a break I am getting sick of reading these letters to the editor about the people who "refuse" to signal while turning, or people who get upset when other drivers find the kindness in their hearts to let another fellow driver who has apparently been waiting for a long period of time, have the right of way so they, too, can be on their way!
   I would like to see an end to these rather unimportant opinions about how men, like myself, are too egotistic to signal.
   To ladies who think that men can't signal because of the testosterone, I pose this question to you: When was the last time you saw a man driving down the freeway trying to put his eyeliner on? Or saw him sitting at an intersection brushing his hair, applying his lipstick and rouge while the light turned green five minutes ago?!
   I am a professional driver, and sometimes you need to give the other guy (or gal) a break. Ms. Cynthia Volkman, please remember the letter you wrote to the editor of this fine newspaper when you are trying to turn left out of Molbak's and nobody will let you "cut in!"

Scott Podoll, Woodinville