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'Educational' mailings cost taxpayers

educational mailings The City of Woodinville has mailed out two Citizen Information Brochures in less than two weeks and is planning on mailing out another one four days before the election to make sure that all our citizens get "Educated."
   This "Education" has cost the taxpayers of Woodinville $3,253 so far in processing mailings. There will be another $1,043 for the last mailing for a total of almost $4,300. This amount does not include staff time in developing the material and putting the paperwork together.
   Yes, the Public Disclosure Commission allows the city to put out information as long as it is factual, but the same information two and three times, and not always factual, seems to be pushing things to the limit and costing you, the taxpayers of Woodinville.
   With the city's propensity to spend money like it is going out of style ($500 trash cans as an example), can anyone believe them when they say that the Community Center will only cost $14 million today (when it was going to cost $14.5 million in May)? Where did that $500,000 disappear to?

Bob Dixon, former city councilmember, Woodinville