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Nonresident users invest time and energy

Sorenson complex By the time this newspaper hits the doorstep, an unprecedented number of absentee ballots will be in the hands of voters. For those of you who have chosen the convenience of voting by mail, let me beg a moment of your time.
   Woodinville Proposition #1, as you probably know, asks for $6 million to purchase 10 acres in downtown Woodinville, retaining the land for use as ballfields, a recreation center, the city hall, and other uses.
   Some say we do not need the land or a community center, only a city hall, leased and located wherever--an industrial park, a shopping center, an office complex. Anything more is a bad investment ...
   In the first three years of our city, I have helped plan three "Celebrate Woodinville" festivals (and made hundreds of paper basset ears), served on the Farmers' Market board, helped plan a community information center, and worked to keep the Basset Bash downtown.
   My staff at the Woodinville Library have helped plan summer youth activities at the community center and children's crafts at the holiday tree lighting ceremonies.
   These activities took place at Sorenson in the heart of downtown, and, while perhaps not "needed," have certainly been popular, appreciated, and well worth the investment of my and my staff's time.
   This week, many of you are being asked for a different kind of investment, one that hits the pocketbook. I am one of those nonresident "users." I cannot invest monetarily. I can only invest my time and energy. But I believe that my investment has been crucial in developing a vision that we, residents and nonresidents, have for our community.
   If your vision for Woodinville only has room for a permit center and city council chambers, then I cannot blame you, should you choose not to invest.
   But can you then blame us who invest our time, talent, and emotion in keeping a "heart" in Woodinville if we reassess our investment, as well?
   Personally, I see a great value in my investment; all I ask is that you match it. Vote YES, this week or Sept. 17, Woodinville Proposition #1.

Don Julien, Greater Woodinville Community Roundtable, Citizens for W.C.C.