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Woodinville can be a first class city by passing bond issue

bond issue A former City Councilman has written a number of letters to you decrying what a waste of taxpayer dollars it would be for the city to purchase the Sorenson School and surrounding properties for a civic center site.
   I sell raw land, down and dirty dirt, both commercial and residential. I need to find dirt to sell so I can eat, and I'll tell you right now there just isn't much vacant land available in Woodinville with the proper zoning that would accommodate a civic center or other medium size development.
   The Good Lord isn't making any more dirt, and if the citizens let this opportunity pass them by, then Woodinville will look like Bothell, Kirkland, Bellevue, and Redmond with City Hall scattered all over town in different buildings.
   If the people of Woodinville want to live in a first class city, then they ought to look like one and pass the bond issue.
   Should the bond issue fail, then the Northshore School District can sit back and enjoy the action, because they will have a number of offers to purchase for this choice piece of real estate.

Roger Rettig, Woodinville