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Sorenson project will benefit future generations

Sorenson complex I lived in Woodinville in the late '60s and early '70s, and still own property in the city. Incorporation or no incorporation was controversial. The votes were close.
   What is the scorecard? Was it a good decision to incorporate?
   After attending many Woodinville City Council weekly meetings over the years, some of them until 11:30 p.m., sometimes twice a week, and watching the first and second council closely, I have come to the conclusion that the citizens made the correct choice when they voted to incorporate.
   It is beyond reality to think that the King County Council would have had the same concerns as the Woodinville City Council has had for the welfare of the local people.
   The responsiveness and teamwork attitude of the Woodinville City Council with the residents and businesses and media (the Woodinville Weekly) has been exemplary.
   I consider ex-councilman Bob Dixon a friend. He knows that I disagree with him on the Sorenson bond issue. Bob is against it. I am in favor of it.
   I doubt that many, if any, of our present council members will be able to enjoy a Sorenson Civic Center. Some will choose to not run again because the work takes so much time from family life. Some will not be re-elected. Some may move. Some may get sick and die.
   All seven members of the Woodinville City Council unanimously agreed to put Sorenson on the ballot for one reason: To benefit future generations of Woodinville residents.
   P.S.: I would be remiss if I did not give substantial credit to Woodinville city staff. They are very capable, and as dedicated to the welfare of the citizens as is the Council and the Mayor.

Don Sirkin, Woodinville