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Once we've paid for it, it's ours

Sorenson complex Isn't six million a lot of money to spend on a community center? How can I bring myself to vote "yes" on this issue when I have such a hard time justifying expenses for road improvements costing well under this amount?
   The answer is simple. Most expenses like road improvements are just that: expenses. They're like filling your tank with gas, or buying milk. They have no market value after their purchase. The money is spent. Gone.
   The community center is a much different type of investment. Once we've paid for it, it's ours. It has real value on the market, and the city is financially stronger because of it.
   It also has a quality that road improvements or other bonds don't have. It can be undone. We can vote "yes" today with the option of saying "no" tomorrow.
   If we decide it wasn't a good decision, we can vote to sell some or all of the property and very likely get back what we've put into it (if not more).
   The sad part is that although we can undo a "yes" decision, we can't undo a "no" decision. If we vote down the bond in this election, the land will be commercially developed. Historic structures and playfields will be destroyed and replaced by apartments or other commercial developments.
   I believe the Woodinville community center is a well-balanced investment. It is fiscally sound with minimum risk. It provides the historic preservation and community services that make coming home to Woodinville something we can all be proud of.

Loren West, Woodinville resident