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More questions about bike trail proposal

bike trail proposal Your article on the proposed bike trail (Aug. 19) did not ask some crucial questions.

  1. How can the City of Bothell legally be in charge of a project completely within the City of Woodinville boundaries?
  2. Why has the City of Bothell told Woodinville residents that if they lose their trees it is on the Bothell side of the street, since it would cost the City of Bothell too much money?
  3. Why has the City of Bothell told Woodinville residents that since they will no longer have street parking due to the bike trail, they will need to build their own parking areas in their own yards at their own expense? Mr. Sato, Bothell project manager, even told me that since he has no street parking in front of his house in Seattle, I should not mind having no parking in front of mine.
  4. Why has the City of Bothell told Woodinville residents who live on the street affected by the bike trail that if their drainfields become inoperative or seep sewage onto the bike trail, due to excavating into the hillsides where they are located, it is the residents' financial responsibility, even though the designs for those drainfields were approved by King County years ago?
  5. Why did the City of Bothell tell Woodinville residents that the public decided on the design, when the consulting civil engineer told the same people that the decision was based on the amount of money the City of Bothell wanted to spend?
  6. How can they say this bike trail is in the interest of safety when it is being built on the side of the street with the most driveways and street intersections and thus most likely to result in a car/bicycle accident?
   This project is based on what is most expedient, not on what is the right way or the best way to do the job. Had I known that the City of Bothell would be in charge of my future, I would not have voted for incorporation into the City of Woodinville.

Maria Morris, Woodinville