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County bond issue just the beginning

county bond issue Beware approving the September $215 million parks/open space bonds and the November $3.9 billion transit funding. They're just the beginning.
   The state's growth management act has opened new opportunities for tapping our pocketbooks, and already King County Councilwoman Cynthia Sullivan is speaking of "alternative revenue sources" for financing local and regional projects "as we move toward a regional government."
   Besides almost unanimous agreement among local officials that more money is needed to cover costs of growth management on top of normal expenditures, the state's Land Use Study Commission (which is also working toward mandated regional/state land use controls) has published a report discussing the various options for extracting more money from the taxpayers.
   Since some of the options bypass citizen voting, and since the cumulative effect of new service charges, utilities taxes, impact fees, etc., can be staggering, voters should vote NO whenever they are allowed to vote.

Maxine Keesling, Woodinville