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Police Beat by Jeff Switzer
The night of Aug. 24, unknown suspects spray-painted gang-type graffiti in gold paint on a Grand Cherokee and on the roadway in the 16500 block of NE 180th Place, and put a plastic liter bottle of dry ice in a mailbox, causing it to explode. Graffiti included "187 to all crips" "LBC," "QFC," and Baller (a high-roller). The city will be painting over the roadway with black paint.
   On Aug. 27, a woman heard a shotgun blast over the heads of her horses about 50 yards away from her house in the 19500 block of 244th Ave. NE and heard the pellets strike her house. She shouted into the dark, "What are you doing? You're shooting at my horses, my house, and me." Police contacted neighbors, who said they heard nothing.
   A 30-year-old Seattle man who had been reported missing called 911 from a local fast food restaurant at 9:30 p.m. on Aug. 28 after he had cut his wrist with a piece of glass in an apparent suicide attempt. Emergency personnel transported him to Harborview for treatment.
   Police arrested a 25-year-old man from Manitoba and Florida and booked him last Thursday, Aug. 29, for telecommunications fraud after he tapped into a phone line of a local business and was caught using it for phone sex. Police also allegedly found notes on how to rob a bank, and the man was driving a Florida automobile with allegedly stolen Washington license plates. He remains in custody for the Class C felony.
   A $1,000 inflatable ice cream cone and its $2,500 blower were found both missing and returned last week at the AM-PM on Woodinville-Duvall Road. The cone was found neatly rolled up behind the store after a week's absence.