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Police begin patrolling city on new bikes

police bikes

Community Police Officers Mary Pat Illingworth (left) and Tiffany Atwood show off the city's latest tool in fighting crime and reaching out to the community.
Photo by Jeff Switzer/Woodinville Weekly.

bike patrols by Jeff Switzer
WOODINVILLE--The city recently outfitted two of its community police officers with mountain bikes, allowing them to more easily patrol the bike trail, maneuver through traffic, and approach potential suspects.
   Officers Tiffany Atwood and Mary Pat Illingworth underwent training specifically for the bikes, which cost the city $1,300 each. Both are decked out with battery packs for their halogen lights, along with shocks, bike racks, helmet, and gear bag.
   "This fits in with the city's goal of better community policing," said Sgt. Rich Krogh, police administrator with the city. "It's designed to put the officers in closer contact with the citizens and allow for more interaction."
   Krogh says the bikes aren't going to replace the patrol cars, but are mounted on racks on the back of the cars, ready for quick use by the officers.
   "They're great for checking areas normally checked on foot," Krogh added. "They're a great means for moving around the city quickly and efficiently."