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Northshore High Tech: Page Aerospace sells plane parts to U.S.

Peter Swift

Woodinville resident Peter Smith with a warning panel for Boeing.
Photo by Gordon Mitchell.

Northshore High Tech by Gordon Mitchell, Ph.D.
"You can't look around inside a Boeing aircraft without seeing Page products," explained Peter Swift.
   The company produces custom components for aircraft worldwide in England and sells them to U.S. companies through their five-person office in Bothell.
   In the complex world of international trade, major sales of aircraft are always linked with agreements to use components from overseas producers. Boeing uses Page components for cockpit and cabin components associated with lighting, critical systems, and status displays.
   As a former aircraft-driver for the U.S. Navy, I was particularly interested in Swift's description of their cockpit products. They must meet more challenging specifications as client expectations advance.
   For example, cockpit warning lights must work in high light conditions such as direct sunlight at altitude. They also are required to be readable in a dark cockpit using night vision devices.
   I was surprised to find that American aircraft manufacturers are not the only ones that still design products with the English measurement system. Page produces parts per client specification and must accommodate even those in the dark ages of non-metric measurements.
   When asked about his company's contribution to the local community, Peter Swift explained that Washington state business and occupation taxes are paid on company revenues despite the payment of other taxes on U.S. components used in the manufacture of Page products.
   Having the Page office in the state is apparently a good deal for the citizens of Washington.

Gordon Mitchell has a background in the engineering management of high tech organizations. He is a principal of Future Focus, a Woodinville company that provides an unusual investigative service, working with commercial clients who suspect they may be victims of electronic eavesdropping. Future Focus performs specialized inspections to locate bugs and taps that may have been installed by unethical competitors or dissatisfied employees. Gordon can be contacted at 489-0446 or via e-mail at