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The Civic Center Bond Issue: Arguments for and against

Next Tuesday, Sept. 17, residents of the City of Woodinville will be asked to decide whether they wish to spend $6 million to purchase the old Woodinville School and adjacent property, to be used for a Woodinville Civic Center. The following are arguments pro and con:

FOR: Vote YES to preserve 'The Heart of Woodinville'

Vote YES by Bob Miller, Mayor, City of Woodinville
The citizens of Woodinville are at a crossroads in the city's history. If we vote to preserve and purchase the Sorenson land, we can determine how we use the complex.

AGAINST: You voted NO last time, you should vote no again

Vote NO by Bob Dixon, former City Councilmember, Woodinville
The city would have you believe that for only $6 million, Woodinville will have a Community Center. They don't tell you that the final cost will be well over 15 million dollars.

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Bond Issue dollars make good sense

bond issue Many of us moved to Woodinville for a very particular reason: the quality of life it provides for our families. If we truly value this as dearly as we say, we must take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment on Sept. 17.

We already voted 'no'

already voted Why do we vote if not to voice our opinion? We already voted NOT to purchase the pricy property at Sorenson School, yet the City Council insists that we did not know what we wanted, so we have to vote again and be firm.

These tax dollars will stay in Woodinville

tax dollars will stay If you look at your property tax bill, you will see that only 10% of your taxes stay in Woodinville. The other 90% go to the county, the state, and the school district.

A wise investment for the future

wise investment The Woodinville Chamber of Commerce urges the citizens of Woodinville to vote in favor of the City of Woodinville's bond measure to purchase the Sorenson complex.

What is going on in our Fire District?

Fire District The Fire Commissioners of Woodinville are not doing us any favors by forcing the resignation of our eight-year Fire Chief, Jim Davis. The fact that Mr. Davis was made an honorary citizen of the City of Woodinville tells us something of this man's character.

Citizens deserve answers

answers deserved Last night's Fire Commissioners' meeting rendered me speechless. Actually, there were many in the crowded firehouse who showed up in support of Chief Jim Davis who were rendered speechless, as "public input" was limited to 15 minutes.

Rebuttal statement solved dilemma

dilemma solved I was having a tough time weighing the pros and cons of the two King County propositions explained in the Voters Pamphlet.