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The Civic Center Bond Issue: Arguments for and against

FOR: Vote YES to preserve 'The Heart of Woodinville'

photo subject by Bob Miller, Mayor, City of Woodinville
The citizens of Woodinville are at a crossroads in the city's history. If we vote to preserve the "Heart of Woodinville" and purchase the 10 acres of Sorenson land, we can determine how we use the complex, and how it should develop.
   If the vote fails on the bond issue, the land will be sold to the highest bidder. The city will then be forced to buy land outside downtown to construct an office building for city services--all for approximately the same cost as the Sorenson property, but minus the ball fields, pool, and gym.
   It would be a waste of taxpayers' dollars for the City Council to ignore reasonably priced, developed land for sale downtown and consider building a new City Hall complex somewhere else with redirected general tax revenue needed for roads, parks, and programs.
   The Sorenson School is not an old relic. It was built in the 1970s with modular, moveable internal walls. Therefore, costly internal remodeling is virtually eliminated.
   The front "annex" portion of Sorenson, built in the 1930s, is one of the few "historical" buildings in Woodinville. We need to preserve our heritage; we should not let it be torn down.
   Please look at the facts regarding the $6 million bond issue to purchase the Sorenson 10 acres. The time is now. The property has been surplused by the Northshore School District.
   If you vote yes on the Woodinville bond issue, we will retain the ball fields, gym, pool, municipal offices, and a place for youth and family activities.
   If you vote no, it will be sold to the highest bidder for development.
   Remember, it is up to you. Be informed, ask questions, and above all, vote! If you do not vote, you are allowing someone else to decide how your city will look, and how it will function.
   In five years I want you to look back and say: "I helped decide what I wanted in the City of Woodinville. I made my voice heard. I voted."