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Bond Issue dollars make good sense

bond issue Many of us moved to Woodinville for a very particular reason: the quality of life it provides for our families. If we truly value this as dearly as we say, we must take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment on Sept. 17.
   The Community Center Bond Issue presents us with the means to preserve and protect this quality of life in Woodinville. Sure, it comes at a cost, as valuable things always do. But, if we must put a price tag on it, let's at least put it in a meaningful perspective.
   Our current tax rate in Woodinville is already significantly lower than in unincorporated King County. If the bond measure passes, this would mean a $100 increase in taxes for the owner of a $200,000 home (at 20-year bond maturity).
   However, as this amount is deductible from federal income taxes, the real cost would probably be substantially less. For example, assuming a 28% tax bracket, the $100 minus $28 equals $72 a year or $6 a month. Unfortunately, we all know that today you can't get much for $6, not even a matinee movie ticket and popcorn.
   However, this $6, when combined with a like amount from our neighbors, can provide all of us with a priceless resource: a unique gathering place at a central, downtown location for all our citizens to enjoy. The list of amenities would include: a civic center with programs and activities for our families, preservation of scarce public open space, convenient, centralized city offices and services, and much-needed recreational ball fields for our children.
   This opportunity can't be taken for granted and will be gone if we don't act now! You can make a difference and keep Woodinville livable.
   Dare we dream along with our fellow citizens the vision of preserving a unique and spectacular resource for our families and a legacy for future generations to come? I say, enthusiastically, YES to the Community Center Bond Issue! For it's clear the dollars make good sense.

Scott Hageman, Taxpayer and Councilmember, Woodinville