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We already voted 'no'

already voted Why do we vote if not to voice our opinion? We already voted NOT to purchase the pricy property at Sorenson School, yet the City Council insists that we did not know what we wanted, so we have to vote again and be firm.
   Mr. Jessup wrote in his letter that he's concerned that the property will be sold to big developers. Where was all this "concern" when the approval was made to bring in the big shopping mall and the Target store? Where was all this great "concern" for saving the look and feel of Woodinville when they decided to put in a huge shopping mall in the center of town? The Target store will be a fine complement to the preservation of our historical buildings.
   Mr. Behrend said we only have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to buy this property, yet the voters already decided "NO." I suppose this is our second in our lifetime, and if this does not pass again, we will have a third, fourth, and fifth.
   Last but not least, I am disgusted with the character assassination of a citizen that has the courage to bring opposing thought to our attention. Let's address the issues rather than attacking the people who bring reasonable opposition to discuss. Character assassination is a cheap shot and we should seriously consider the motives of those who do this to others. Don't shoot the messenger.

Karyn F. King, Woodinville