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A wise investment for the future

wise investment The Woodinville Chamber of Commerce urges the citizens of Woodinville to vote in favor of the City of Woodinville's bond measure to purchase the Sorenson complex.
   The city must have a facility in which to conduct its business and provide the services you expect from your local government.
   The alternative to not purchasing this site is relocation to a facility that will be leased, or the purchase of a site that will be both more expensive and not as well located. There are not many, if any, sites that have the potential to provide for both the development of a community center and offices for governmental services.
   The growth that our community has experienced in the past 10 years is only a prelude to what will occur in the future. We have a quality of life that is unique and desirable and will continue to attract people and businesses to our city.
   This will make the value of property in this area continue to increase and will also make the purchase of a site for a future city hall/community center substantially more expensive. You do not have to be a real estate professional to understand the economic impact of supply and demand.
   This bond measure is an opportunity to make a wise investment in the future of our community. This is an opportunity to keep taxes lower, knowing that the decision to defer the purchase of a community facility will most likely produce a greater tax burden on ourselves in the future.

Ken Goodwin, president, Woodinville Chamber of Commerce