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What is going on in our Fire District?

Fire District The Fire Commissioners of Woodinville are not doing us any favors by forcing the resignation of our eight-year Fire Chief, Jim Davis. The fact that Mr. Davis was made an honorary citizen of the City of Woodinville tells us something of this man's character.
   I have lived next door to Jim Davis and his beautiful family for 14 years. I have felt safe knowing that a man of his caliber was serving in our community. I don't feel safe anymore. What could he have done to deserve this treatment?
   Searching for answers to that very question, many members from the community attended the commissioners meeting on Sept. 4, 1996. When the commissioners were asked questions, the questions went unanswered. Ben May tried to give an acceptable answer by saying that the Fire Chief's job is to manage the firefighters and get them to execute the wishes or plans of the commissioners, and that it was time for change.
   What changes are they talking about? They would not address that question. In fact, the commissioners got up and left the room for 40 minutes. When they returned, they accepted Jim's resignation and appointed the Assistant Fire Chief as Fire Chief.
   Jim had always encouraged us to vote for the levies and kept us abreast of the new technology and equipment available to our district if the levies passed. We voted for high standard equipment for our community that will probably never materialize now.
   I would encourage any concerned citizen to read the June 24th issue of the Woodinville Weekly to get an overview of the commissioners and how they do business. I'm sure you'll ask yourself the same question: What is going on in our Fire District?
   The Davis family is extremely loved, and will be sorely missed in our community.

Linda M. Barker, Woodinville