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Election '96

Major money propositions, long list of candidates mark Tuesday ballot

1996 election by Jeff Switzer
Statewide candidates numbering in double figures, local primary contests, and two big money measures are expected to draw a significant turnout for the election Tuesday, Sept. 17, especially in this presidential election year.
   Fifteen hopefuls are running for Governor (six Democrats, eight Republicans, and one Socialist); 14 are running for Lt. Governor (five Republicans, six Democrats, and one each from the Natural Law, Libertarian, and Reform parties). Eleven are seeking the non-partisan Superintendent of Public Instruction position.
   Voters will also decide on King County Propositions 1 and 2: $215,750,000 in general obligation bonds and a one-year maintenance levy for $30.5 million, both for recreation and conservation.
   If approved by voters, sale of the 30-year bonds will increase property taxes by about $0.14 per $1,000 of assessed valuation, or $21.50 on a $150,000 home, though there are a number of variables involved, such as when the bonds are sold and at what interest rate.
   The maintenance levy will be assessed only in 1997 for $0.25 per $1,000 of assessed valuation, or $37.50 on a $150,000 home. About 70 percent of the proceeds go to projects submitted by local jurisdictions based on population and assessed valuation; 30 percent will go to critical resource preservation, including forests, critical habitats, waterways, stream restoration, and urban waterway projects.
   In the City of Woodinville, voters are being asked to approve a $6 million general obligation bond for purchase of the Sorenson and Old Woodinville Schools to be used for a civic center. If approved, property owners will pay an additional $0.50 per $1,000 of assessed valuation annually, or $100 on a $200,000 home.

Candidates for State Legislature

   Statewide offices require placement on the primary ballot regardless of the number of candidates running. With three or more candidates, the race is a runoff. With a two-candidate, two-party race, the names will reappear on the Nov. 5 ballot unless one candidate fails to get 1 percent of the vote.

District 1:

District 5: District 45: District 44 (Snohomish County):


   District 1: Rick White (R-Bainbridge Island); Jeff Coopersmith (D-Seattle); Don Stuart (D-Shoreline).
   District 8: Dave Little (D-Bellevue); Jennifer Dunn (R-Bellevue).

Statewide offices

   Governor: Ellen Craswell (R-Poulsbo); Gary Locke (D-Seattle); Dale Foreman (R-Wenatchee); Pam Roach (R-Auburn); Jeff Powers (Socialist Workers-Seattle); Norman Rice (D-Seattle); Nona Brazier (R-Maple Valley); Bryan Zetlen (D-Seattle); Norm Maleng (R-Seattle); Bob Tharp (R-Vancouver); Jim Waldo (R-Vashon); Jay Inslee (D-Bainbridge); Mohammed Said (D-Ephrata); Warren Hanson (R-Bellingham); Max Englerius (D-Seattle).

   Lt. Governor: Brad Owen (D-Shelton); Shawn Newman (Reform Party-Olympia); Frank Gavaldon (D-Univ. Place); Harvey Billmaier (D-Lacey); Paull Shin (D-Mukilteo); Jim West (R-Spokane); Bob Owen (D-Olympia); Ed Torres (R-Orting); Art Rathjen (Libertarian-Hoquiam); Ann Anderson (R-Acme); Bambi Lin Litchman (D-Tacoma); Michael Hackett (Natural Law-Marysville); Bruce Buckles (R-Redmond); Gerald Goodloe (R-Snohomish).

   Secretary of State: Ralph Munro (R-Olympia); Phyllis Kenney (D-Seattle); Gary Gill (Natural Law-Lynnwood).

   State Treasurer: Mike Murphy (D-Olympia); Lucy DeYoung (R-Woodinville); Jack Kiley (D-Olympia); Randolph Bell (R-Tacoma).

   State Auditor: Nina Becker (R-Spokane); Brian Sonntag (D-Tacoma); Mike The Mover (R-Edmonds); Robert Keene, Jr. (R-Bellevue).

   Attorney General: Christine Gregoire (D-Olympia); Richard Pope (R-Shoreline); Richard Shepard (Libertarian-Tacoma); Luanne Coachman (Natural Law-Kent).

   Commissioner of Public Lands: Bruce Mackey, (R-Olympia); Jennifer Belcher (D-Olympia); Patrick Parrish (R-Trout Lake); Randy Boss (R-Gig Harbor); Marc Strauch (Natural Law-Edmonds).

   Insurance Commissioner: Dave Walker (R-Lacey); Tony Lowe (R-Redmond); Steve Skipper (R-Federal Way); Deborah Senn (D-Seattle); Brian McCulloch (R-Shoreline); Garland Connor (R-Mercer Island); Steve Sevick (Natural Law-Redmond).

   Superintendent of Public Instruction (NP): Jed Brown (Rollingbay); Ron Taber (Olympia); Terry Bergeson (Olympia); Chris Vance (Kent); Gloria Guzman Johannessen (Pasco); Richard Fuller (Pullman); Dan Leahy (Olympia); Nancy Hidden-Dodson (Hansville); Raul de la Rosa (Olympia); Earl Laberge (Gig Harbor); Mae Laverne Lovern (Tacoma).

King County Superior Court

   Of the 49 positions posted, only 13 are contested. Unopposed candidates are automatically re-elected to their benches and will not appear on the fall ballot.

   Position 2: Harriet Cody, Seattle; Bruce Gardiner, Kirkland; Mary Ellen Ramey, Seattle.
   Position 3: John Darrah, Seattle; Norman Leopold, Issaquah.
   Position 6: Joan Allison, Seattle; Paul Feinsod, Seattle; Phil Hubbard, Seattle.
   Position 8: Marilyn Sellers, Seattle; Jay White, Seattle.
   Position 9: Jo Anne Alumbaugh, Seattle; John Costco, Seattle; Jeff Ramsdell, Seattle.
   Position 10: Glenna Hall, Seattle; Dale Ulin, Newcastle.
   Position 11: Kevin Dolan, Seattle; Theresa Gibbons, Seattle; Richard Ishikawa, Bellevue.
   Position 24: Michael Fox, Seattle; Marilou Rickert, Seattle.
   Position 26: Jeannette Burrage, Des Moines; Bill Fligeltaub, Seattle; Doug North, Seattle.
   Position 32: Peter Camp, Seattle; LeRoy McCullough, Renton.
   Position 34: Thomas Kellenberg, Seattle; Michael Trickey, Lake Forest Park.
   Position 38: Jim Bates, Bellevue; Rexford Lawrence, Bothell.
   Position 46: Suzanne Barnett, Seattle; Sally Phillips Pasette, Seattle.

Court of Appeals

   Position 6: Walter Webster, Bellevue.

King County District Court, Northeast Electoral District

   Position 1: David Steiner, Kirkland.