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Police Beat by Jeff Switzer
On Aug. 31, a male in his thirties was reported involved in several incidents. He first attempted to return a green workout suit to a sportswear retailer without a receipt. The suspect had asked the clerk about the cost of the suit, saying his wife had one that didn't fit and wanted to return it. The clerk said it was $75.
   The suspect then left the store, walked to the trunk of his car, and returned holding the suit he had been asking about. The clerk noticed that only the hanger remained on the rack, and refused to give money without the receipt or original tag. The suspect left without the suit.
   Police believe the suspect then went to a local fast food restaurant asking for a $20 bill for two $10 bills 35 minutes later. The clerk, along with another employee, said they complied with the request, but the suspect turned around and argued he had been given only a $1 bill.
   He demanded his two $10 bills back, and another employee said to count the till first. The clerk gave the bills back and the suspect left.
   The clerk counted the till and found it $20 short. The clerk said the suspect was persistent and got him confused, and that is why he gave him the money.