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Second vote on Woodinville Civic Center set for Sept. 17

Civic Center by Jeff Switzer
WOODINVILLE--City residents and property owners will again make their voices heard when asked next Tuesday if they want to pay about $100 each year for 20 years to purchase the Old Woodinville Schoolhouse and the Sorenson buildings for final use as a civic and community center.
   The property and buildings, owned and declared surplus by the Northshore School District earlier this year and now for sale, are zoned half-commercial, half-multifamily.
   For the 10-acre parcel, the city has negotiated a price of $5.8 million and has an agreement to purchase it through Dec. 31, 1997 with a rough increase of $10,000 each month after Aug. 18, 1996.
   Absent from this proposal are the three acres to the south belonging to Brittany Park and LeisureCare, previously part of the $7.5 million issue rejected in May. That proposal, which lost by fewer than 100 votes, would have bumped taxes up $124 annually on a $200,000 home.
   Criteria to be met for passage of the general obligation bonds include a minimum turnout of 912 voters, with 60 percent voting yes. Woodinville has 4,816 registered voters, and more than 1,000 absentee ballots were issued.

City mails brochures
   In an effort to answer frequently asked questions on the proposed bonds, the city has mailed residents two pieces of informational literature and are planning to mail a third just prior to the election.
   The first mailing, a six-page informational brochure sent three weeks ago, cost $2,110. The second mailing, received two weeks ago, cost $1,043, as will the third mailing scheduled just prior to the ballot.
   More than 4,300 pieces were mailed to residents and businesses. They point out: