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Parks bond on ballot

Metro King County Council by Councilmember Louise Miller, Vice Chair
Preserving King County's quality of life into the next century is the theme underlying the list of nearly 200 conservation and recreation projects developed by a citizens committee, elected officials from local government, school districts, sports groups, youth leagues, and many citizens throughout King County.
   On Sept. 17, there will be a special election in conjunction with the primary election: King County Proposition No. 1, the Recreation and Conservation Legacy Program G.O. Bonds $215,750 million; and Proposition No. 2, One Year Maintenance Endowment Levy $30,500 million.
   Voters will be asked if King County should undertake the Recreation and Conservation Legacy program that would provide capital improvements to preserve salmon habitat, restore recreational facilities, acquire parks and playfields, and protect greenway, natural resource lands and waterways throughout King County.
   Cities would receive most of the active park money for trails, ballparks, community parks and centers, tennis courts, and swimming pools. The largest part of the bond is money for critical resource and waterways projects.
   District three would receive over $15.3 million for the active portion and $22.7 million for farm and forestry preservation:

   Also included will be a bridge over the Sammamish River at the Tolt Pipeline crossing, money for Northshore athletic fields in the Sammamish Valley, a pedestrian/equestrian bridge to Marymoor Park, and development of the Daniels Creek Park near Cottage Lake.