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Friends help loneliness of widowed

loneliness I lost my husband recently, and to me it seems eternity. When our loved one dies, it doesn't seem real, and nobody knows how we feel.
   You have everyone come around for the first couple weeks, and then it stops, as if we have a disease. We don't ask for much, just that people keep in touch.
   Just think, if this were you alone, would you just want to be on your own? We are human beings, too! You know we would be there for you.
   Just pick up the phone and say "Hi!" This would help the person feel fine, to know that people still care, and they will always be there.
   Know that our loved ones are far apart, maybe you can help us by praying from the heart. Bring us back with some smiles, that we lost over the whiles.
   It's OK to be scared, but it's braver if you dared, to help someone, by showing you cared. And let that person know they are loved, and help them believe there is a God above.
   We don't want people to make a big thing, just let the phone ring, and say someday you will be with them again, tell them their lives will again begin.
   Grieving doesn't take one or two days or even a week, it could take years, just let them know you are near.
   Help them believe in life and love, like watching a newborn dove fly and come alive. And God will help us through, because he believes in you.
   So try not to feel our pain, but show us what we have to gain. Without our loved one by our side, show us how we can make it with some pride.
   We may feel lost and on our own, but being a friend we're not alone.

Ramona Coleman, Woodinville