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Some people desperately need the Duvall Well

Duvall Well We wonder how many people who read the Valley View article of Aug. 12 on the Duvall Well closure turned to page 10 and read the rest of that story.
   On page 10, it stated that Water District 119 said it "would rather sell the customer water from their own source and if they decide to participate in any continuation of the water hauling operation, it would only be done on the condition that it would be temporary and that the customers all sign Annexation and ULID petitions so that the pipeline construction could get underway."
   Water District 119 obviously has a big financial interest in getting the Duvall Well closed. They have been trying to find a way to expand for a long time.
   For the most part, Water District 119 has met with stubborn resistance. People who have already drilled their own wells, and often are still paying them off, object to and cannot afford to go into debt for water they don't want, don't need, and won't use.
   Many of us are retired, living on reduced incomes, widows, or young or single parents, barely making ends meet, trying to give our children quality lives in a country atmosphere or, if older, trying to survive the high cost of living and on small incomes. We simply cannot afford Water District 119's pipeline. We were appalled at Water District 119's statement they would only sell their water if all the customers signed their Annexation and ULID petitions.
   At an earlier meeting with Water District 119, they gave an approximate price-per-foot projected cost. When asked if they had forgotten water won't run uphill, it seems they had! The cost of an extremely expensive pumping station had been overlooked, as well as a few other items. All these costs would be added, they stated.
   To make their pipeline more palatable, the Water District now says they will charge on a per-household basis. That began at $6,000 and has already been raised to "from $8,000 to $12,000." Should $12,000 miraculously become a final figure with an unknown amount of interest, even that could become $24,000 by payoff and frankly, it is not likely, in our opinion, to stay at $12,000.
   While most of us do have water, there are those who do not. Yet, for the most part, even they object to Water District 119. Most simply cannot afford it. Those who have been able to have begun to drill for water. Some, though, have no money to drill for water and some have no water to drill for. These desperately need the Duvall Well left open.
   We have read several articles on the Duvall Well situation and are confused as to whether Mayor Kuntz intends to keep his word to keep the well open if the water testing and liability he asked for is arranged.
   Keeping this well open affects everyone! The vast majority do not want Water District 119's pipeline forced on them. Yet, people must have water, and some have nowhere but the Duvall Well to get it.
   We want to believe that Mayor Kuntz cares about all of us who will be adversely affected and that he will keep his word and leave the well open, year after year.

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Worthy & other concerned citizens of Duvall