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Woodinville Bond Issue: Only one way to tell the truth

bond issue There are many ways to tell a lie, but only one way to tell the truth. One way to lie is through implication, another is to lie by omission.
   Unfortunately, the writer of the "Against" side of the (Civic Center) Bond Issue guest editorial did both.
   I do not like writing letters like this, but I cannot let lies, however they are made, go unchallenged, because left unchallenged, they become accepted as truth.
   The writer of the piece first stated that it is against state law for the city to promote the bond issue, although it is okay to provide information. The wording and the context implied that the city had illegally sent out its informational pieces.
   Not only is it legal for the city to send out this information, all the text was approved in advance by the PDC (Political Disclosure Commission), which is the state agency charged with enforcing this law.
   The writer also stated that the city planned two bond issues, this one for $6 million and a second in 1999 for $6.8 million. A reference to a city document was given to prove this.
   The first omission was a statement from the same document on the preceding page (see Woodinville Comprehensive Plan, Chapter 10, page 7). That statement is: "This six-year capital facilities plan is a draft that will be revised after review by the City Council." The council did review it and did revise it taking out any plans for a second bond. This was the second omission. (See the minutes of the City Council regular meeting of Aug. 26, 1996.)
   Unfortunately, it is too close to the election to counteract these lies effectively, but then that's the whole reason they were made at such a late date.
   Please, let's all practice democracy the old-fashioned way, through reasoned debate, respectful disagreement, and most of all, the complete and accurate facts.

Don Brocha, Deputy Mayor, Woodinville