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Bergeson the best choice for SPI

Terry Bergeson Terry Bergeson is without question the most qualified candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction.
   Over the past several years, I have frequently had the opportunity to watch Terry at work, and she is an exceptional leader. I've seen Terry motivate large rooms full of parents and teachers to work together on improving public education.
   She's also an excellent communicator. With her down-to-earth style, she explains complicated matters in a very understandable way.
   Terry really listens to people, and works tirelessly to stay in contact with parents and educators all over the state. I've known her to drive several hours during the evening rush hour to speak at a public meeting, sit in on small group discussions, and stay late to put away chairs with the PTA volunteers.
   Most importantly, Terry has a track record as Executive Director of the Commission on Student Learning. She has moved public education toward high academic standards, and she has been on time and under budget.
   Terry Bergeson is the best choice, a choice we can feel good about making.

Rich Baldwin, Bothell