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Inslee has priorities right, integrity to make them stick

Jay Inslee Of all the fine candidates in the race for governor, Jay Inslee is the one who will get my vote.
   All three times I've heard him in person, he has given consistent and thoughtful answers to challenging questions. Whether before the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce, at a neighborhood coffee, or before the TV cameras in the Front Porch Forum, he has stated his ideas without talking out of both sides of his mouth. He is a straight shooter, and this is the kind of leadership we must elect.
   Of the Democratic front runners in the race, he stands alone in running for office on his own time, yet he has wide public experience from his terms in the Legislature and Congress.
   He is lowest in raising campaign contributions from out of state. He is willing to stand up to powerful groups such as the National Rifle Association on the assault weapons ban. He would keep the wealthy sports team owners and other corporations from raiding the public coffers for personal gain.
   I think he has his priorities right and the integrity to make them stick. I urge you to vote for Jay Inslee.

Mary O'Farrell, Redmond