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Sign vandalism shows need for return to moral absolutes

moral absolutes It was a relief when I learned that the vandals who had been defacing the large Ellen Craswell signs I had spent so many hours erecting were finally identified and made to realize the wrong they were doing.
   I was, however, shocked to learn that one of them was about to attend Harvard Medical School and another was bound for Stanford University. It was a painful reminder to me of the desperate need we have for a return to moral absolutes.
   The defaced signs were all carefully placed on private property with owner permission and in accord with public laws. Yet even signs placed behind fences have been defaced, destroyed, or stolen. Some sign owners have even expressed fear that such acts of violence against a mere sign might portend more extreme measures against the owners themselves or their property.
   As the election season ripens, I hope that those who see these numerous displays of hate and intolerance will realize that we are in a war of cultures which pits those who respect private property rights and moral absolutes against those who see truth and right as merely relative terms that can be bent to the situation at hand.
   I want to thank the Woodinville Weekly for considering covering this vandalism in their paper, for taking the time to come out and take some pictures, and for printing this letter.

Sanford Staab, Yard Sign Coordinator for the Ellen Craswell for Governor Campaign, 45th District