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The day the system doesn't work

the system doesn't work Although I appreciated your front page article [Woodinville Weekly, Sept. 9, 1996] on the resignation of Fire Chief Davis, I believe there are a few things which need to be clarified.
   First of all, when does a person willingly resign from his or her job and get paid off a severance for doing so?
   If the commissioners were "in fear of their lives" from the residents, we have a problem. There was no violence, only people wanting answers which they were never given. No pun intended, but "if you can't take the heat, get out of the fire!"
   The paper stated that only seven spoke. The commissioners made a resolution a few months ago that the maximum amount of time they would "listen" to the public was 15 minutes and they would not answer questions.
   Knowing this ahead of time, I had signed up in the beginning and tried to say what I felt everyone wanted, allowing them to stand and applaud if they felt the same; and for the record, firefighters did stand up, too.
   "Why is Davis leaving?" Change in composition of the board, that is the most accurate of all, just ask anyone there what they saw. The land in downtown for a station that they own but may not build on was voted on by all five commissioners to purchase, not Chief Davis. To build on it, all they need to do is submit a conditional use permit to the county.
   Internal conflicts regarding labor issues: What about the Commission Chair sitting in and voting on labor contracts when his son is a firefighter in the district?
   An internal survey that no one had to sign: What about the ones that were positive and planted to see how accurate the survey was, that never showed up in the final count?
   I say the day the elected officials don't want to be accountable, to listen to the public or respond to them, is the day the system doesn't work! We have just lost the best Fire Chief in the state, not to mention a citizen we should all hope to be like.

Mary Baum, Woodinville