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City creating parks and recreation board

parks & recreation board by Jeff Switzer
WOODINVILLE--With one park under its belt, Jerry Wilmot Park on its way next year, and the possibility of a community center at Sorenson, the City Council adopted an ordinance last week creating a Parks and Recreation Commission, with membership criteria yet to be decided.
   The council says it's been waiting to create the board until it had some parks to oversee, and would also be able to build on the parks element of the city's recently adopted Comprehensive Plan.
   The commission will help the City Council in making decisions regarding the acquisition, development and operation of parks and recreation facilities. It will also be responsible for assisting in the development and evaluation of recreational programming.
   The commission will also advise the council in long-range implementation of the Comprehensive Plan, create a detailed Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan, and will be responsible for assisting with the development of the city's capital improvement program to that end.
   The commission will consist of five members appointed by the Mayor and the City Council for three-year terms, although three members on the first commission are to serve only two years, with terms expiring Nov. 1. Members will serve without compensation, will be non-partisan, and must reside within the city limits.
   "A lot of work has already gone into the momentum," said Councilmember Scott Hageman.
   Hageman cited the city's success with its first neighborhood park, Woodinville Heights and plans for the Wilmot Gateway Park.
   The council spent time in a long process of interviewing the prospective members of the Planning Commission from a large pool of applicants.
   "The time for a Parks commission is finally upon us," said Mayor Bob Miller. "Getting a good mix of the community will be essential ... The time we spent with the Planning Commission has turned good dividends, so I hope we at least get that level of quality."