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Police Log: Police arrest two Kirkland men, take eight guns

Police Log by Jeff Switzer
Woodinville police took possession of eight guns at the Boston Market on Sept. 8 two days after the same man threatened four area youth at the Jack in the Box.
   According to police, the suspect, a 19-year-old Kirkland man, had pulled his light blue Bronco into the AM-PM lot around 7 p.m. and appeared visibly upset about something. Four people parked at the Jack in the Box could hear him yelling and, confused and unsure about the problem, one of them approached him, the report said.
   The man then allegedly pulled a shotgun out from under a blanket in the Bronco, causing the four people to scramble for cover. He then drove over to the other lot and parked behind their car, continuing to egg them on, they said. He drove off and the four called the police.
   Officer Kent Baxter took down a description of the vehicle on Friday. Officer Tiffany Atwood spotted the vehicle at Boston Market at 8 p.m. Sunday and called Baxter for backup.
   Atwood watched the suspect go into the restaurant and recognized him as an area resident. The officers contacted him in the restaurant, checked him for weapons, and asked him to come outside.
   The officers explained their interest and looked inside the truck, noting the butt of a rifle sticking out from under a blanket. The officers placed the man under arrest, along with another 19-year-old Kirkland man, and recovered eight weapons, several of which had been reported stolen.
   Sgt. Rich Krogh, Woodinville's Police Administrator, said the drive and attentiveness of the two made the difference in the case.
   "This was great work on the part of both officers," said Krogh. "Baxter took a good description and a detailed report and Tiffany spotted it. That's what makes the difference in good police work."
   Police collected a shotgun and seven rifles and handguns, including a .22-caliber rifle, a .25-caliber semi-automatic Beretta and a 9mm semi-automatic carbine. They also found two gold band diamond rings, a silver ring with one diamond, bandannas, and nearly $9,000 in cash.
   The two were arrested without incident and police are continuing their investigation.
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