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News from the Metropolitan King County Council

County Council by Louise Miller, District Three
The transportation supplemental budget has gone to the council and, if passed, will provide additional funding this year for flood repair, overlay, and road improvement projects throughout the county.
   One item in the supplemental budget earmarks $2.7 million for Phase I of the 132nd Avenue NE project in Kingsgate. Phase II, completed this summer, added a center turn lane, bike lanes, and sidewalks on both sides of the road between NE 132nd and NE 143rd Place. This portion of the project was funded by the county's Transportation Capital Improvement Program at a cost of $2.4 million.
   The Phase I project is in the county's supplemental budget which includes some state funding. The project involves adding three lanes between NE 124th Street and NE 126th Place and a center turn lane between NE 126th Place and NE 132nd Street. The project also calls for sidewalks and bike lanes on both sides of the road between NE 124th Street and NE 132nd Street.
   Construction for Phase I is slated to begin in early 1997.