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Guest Column

Fix America's crumbling schools

Guest Column by Senator Patty Murray
Have you ever looked in the corner of a school classroom and seen water spots on the ceiling from a leaky roof? Or have you been to a school where the structure of a building is insecure?

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Questions of community center remains to be resolved

community center The results of the Community Center Bond Issue vote was a disappointment but not a surprise. I spent a lot of time talking to people on the phone and on the doorstep, and I discovered two things.

Children need the history embodied in old schoolhouse

Woodinville history As three children who attended Woodinville Elementary School in the '40s, we had the privilege of visiting the school on Sept. 6, 1996, and viewing some of our history at the school.

'Shopping Village' design shows creative thought

shopping village After reading the paper and seeing the plan for the new "shopping village" in Woodinville, I am relieved to see that there was a lot of thought put into having some country character designed into the new complex.

Appalled by anti-Backlund hit mailing

anti-Backlund mailing I'm appalled by a hit mailing just received from the Washington State Democratic Central Committee on Republican State Representative Bill Backlund.

Mandated insurance coverages are not 'peripheral'

mandated benefits Having seen the recent campaign literature of Bill Backlund defending his position on legislation he sponsored, I took the time to download the referenced legislation from the Internet and read it.

What about Fire Commissioners' accountability?

accountability I attended the last meeting of our (Woodinville) Fire Commissioners, and I would like to invite everyone to attend subsequent meetings, as I think the public should know what decisions are being made on their behalf and how they are being made.

Children not the beneficiaries of education reform

education reform Many fine, well-meaning people, blind to the dangers of O.B.E./Performance-Based Goals 2000 Education Reforms, believe it will solve society's social ills.