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Questions of community center remains to be resolved

community center The results of the Community Center Bond Issue vote was a disappointment but not a surprise. I spent a lot of time talking to people on the phone and on the doorstep, and I discovered two things.
   The first is that most everyone likes the idea of a community center, and all are dismayed at the possibility of the school property and the ballfields becoming stores or apartments. The second is that they are not willing to pay for it because of the price tag.
   The question still remains of how we can create a downtown that is usable and livable and gives people a chance to connect and interact. After all, isn't one of the fundamental pleasures of living in a small town meeting people you know, or even people you don't know, and just visiting?
   Part of the answer to that question is still a community center. Something that gives people a reason and a place to come together in meaningful activities.
   The challenge now for myself and for the rest of the council is how to provide such a place at a cost Woodinville can accept and afford.

Don Brocha, Woodinville