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Children need the history embodied in old schoolhouse

Woodinville history As three children who attended Woodinville Elementary School in the '40s, we had the privilege of visiting the school on Sept. 6, 1996, and viewing some of our history at the school.
   We also visited friends (schoolmates), old houses, and businesses, some of which we haven't seen in 55 years!
   There has been progress over the years, sure. And that may be necessary. That has happened, also. However, history is also needed. We are in the process of writing a family book and tracing our own personal history.
   The many people we talked to were unanimous in saving this nostalgic building. Our children and their children need history they can experience in order to appreciate their role in planning for the future.
   Thanks to Woodinville for playing an important part in our past, and we hope our families can visit over the many years in the future the schoolhouse which attended to many of Woodinville's present leaders' educational needs. Please save our school building.

Hank Palmer, Nancy Palmer, Diane Palmer Stierm, Patricia Palmer Olson