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What about Fire Commissioners' accountability?

accountability I attended the last meeting of our (Woodinville) Fire Commissioners, and I would like to invite everyone to attend subsequent meetings, as I think the public should know what decisions are being made on their behalf and how they are being made.
   We were made to wait over 25 minutes while Commissioner Don Leggett "allowed" the public to sign up to make comment. He kept asking if anyone else still needed to sign the sheet, clearly indicating to all present that they would get their chance to have their voice heard.
   He then stated that he would allow only 15 minutes of public comment time. He then chose five speakers who, he said, would each have 1 1/2 minutes to speak. (It doesn't take a college grad to determine that this was only 7 1/2 minutes allowed for comment.)
   A statement was then read that the commissioners were not required to comment or answer questions from the public. The basis of this statement was a resolution passed by the commissioners in June.
   They don't have to answer public questions? I thought they were elected and represent the citizens. Whose questions do they have to answer? Who are they accountable to?
   We were then witness to a vote in favor of the resignation of Chief Jim Davis. I was sitting in the front row and was unable to hear anyone voting with the exceptions of Callon and Leggett. Leggett made motions, Callon seconded them and the rest mumbled.
   I would like to ask why Jim Davis was forced out. I would have liked to ask those responsible, but they don't have to answer my questions. I think that everyone in this community needs an answer to this question as well as to just what is going on in our Fire District.
   Why are we losing Jim Davis? A chief who has a tremendous record of accomplishments, awards, and achievements. Someone who has helped develop a fire department that has been extremely successful and won many awards, a department that has made us all feel safe. This is for the good of our community? Why?

Kathy J. Agnew, Woodinville