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Explorer Scouts top Seattle in fire muster

trophy awarded

From left, Jason Lux, Andy Palmateer and Chris Roff receive the first place trophy for the Explorer Fire Muster from Bellevue's Lt. Paul Davison (right) and a Bellevue Scout.
Photo by Jeff Switzer/Woodinville Weekly.

Fire Explorers Muster by Jeff Switzer
   Woodinville Fire's Explorer Scouts could smell the sweet roses of victory last year when they took second place only two points behind Seattle's post. This year, they returned to taste the victory and hand Seattle defeat by a mere one point.
   Competing against six other posts throughout the area, Woodinville sent 13 scouts to compete in six different fire-related events at the third annual Fire Explorers Muster on Aug. 17. Ranging in age from 14 to 21, this group of young adults has now proven themselves on a regional level.
   "Seattle has a very organized cadet post," said Dave Leggett, public fire educator and coordinator for the scouts. "It was truly an accomplishment to outperform those members."
   The scouts competed in six events, held this year at Bellevue's training center: make and break (hose couplings), fastest hydrant connection, fastest breathing apparatus, hose targets, search and rescue in a darkened building with victims, and an emergency medical situation where scouts had to extricate an injured person from a car wreck.
   Ginger Harmon, Chris Roff, Jabin Roff, Andy Palmateer, Jason Lux, Tim Nicholson, Dave Horton, Jen Nicholson, Becca Petrin, Michelle Flotron, Matt Smith, Jody Brown, and Tom Surridge were on the winning team.