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Results of state, county, and local races

election results by Jeff Switzer
Most of the bond issues put to voters in the Sept. 17 election were failing at last count, while local and state races are firmed up and ready for the race to Nov. 5. The following numbers reflect 100 percent of the precincts and 25 percent of the absentees expected to be received.
   King County's $215 million conservation legacy bond and $30.5 million maintenance levy aren't likely to make up their deficits. The bonds, while approved by a majority of citizens, failed to get the necessary 60 percent approval, receiving 135,642 in favor to 130,048 against (51.05 percent to 48.95 percent).
   The maintenance levy fell to defeat, 140,518 against to 121,713 in favor (46.41 percent in favor to 53.59 percent opposed).
   As of 2 p.m. Friday, Snohomish County had counted 65 percent of their expected absentees.

Candidate races

* = indicates candidates advancing to the general election
? = indicates close race


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Statewide races

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State Legislature

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