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Police beat

Police Beat by Jeff Switzer
Two weekends ago, a neighbor was housesitting for a family in the 19500 block of 156th Ave. NE, feeding their dog in the garage, but without access to the indoors. On Sunday, Sept. 19, the housesitter discovered the door to the house in the garage had been forced open.
   According to police, the suspect(s) entered the house and took chocolate pudding from the cupboard, eating it with two spoons. They then put the movie "Pretty Woman" in the VCR.
   They then went upstairs and used some of the makeup in the bathroom, spilling it on the floor. Two cans of iced tea were also opened and returned to the garage refrigerator. Jewelry was taken from upstairs but recovered later outside on the path between the two houses.
   Between Sept. 13 and 15, unknown suspects used a pipe wrench-type tool to break off a door handle at a building in the 18500 block of 144th Ave. NE, entered the business and used a cutting torch to gain access to the money in the "Coke" machine. Two engines were stolen from the adjacent warehouse.
   Two unknown white males in their 20s, one wearing an orange vest, were observed taking two 20-foot vine maples from the corner near Leota Jr. High on Sept. 12 at 8 p.m. and loading the trees, valued at $200 each, into their Ford Ranger-type trucks before driving away.