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Where did Fitz Auto Parts go?

Fitz Auto Parts The corner property between Highway 9 and Highway 522, occupied by Fitz Auto Parts since 1969, has recently been emptied. Is Fitz going out of business?
   Don Fitz, Jr. assured us that they are not going out of business. They have leased the property to Copart, a salvage pool. A salvage pool picks up cars that insurance companies determine are a total loss. When the paperwork is clear they auction the cars to auto recyclers, like Fitz.
   Copart is a large national public company that has 51 locations in the U.S. They happen to be one of Fitz Auto Parts' primary vendors and Fitz was happy to have them lease the property.
   Don Fitz, Jr. said that leasing the property is part of a long-term plan that will consolidate all of the Fitz Woodinville locations onto one property. With this consolidation and building of new facilities, Fitz feels they will become more efficient. An option to purchase 16 acres between Fitz Chrysler (recently re-named Fitz Domestic) and Fitz Japanese will be exercised in 1998. The European location will eventually be leased also. At that time, all the Woodinville facilities will all be located on one property.
   Much of the General Motors and Ford products went just north of the 522 overpass to the Chrysler branch (now called Fitz Domestic). The balance went to a new facility in Graham (south of Puyallup), which was built 3 years ago. This 18-acre site, with the latest technology in the industry, has allowed Fitz to shift some of its capacity without losing any sales potential or compromising service.
   "Without our Graham facility, we would not have been able to vacate this site in Woodinville at this time," said Don.
   Fitz Auto Parts was started in 1930, and is now managed by the fourth generation of the family. August was a record-breaking sales month, with sales just over one million dollars for the first time. Fitz employs 96 people and some have been there for over 25 years.