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Response to letter necessary

response to letter I have tried to not respond to Deputy Mayor Don Brocha's numerous letters, but I must reply to his letter of Sept. 16.
   First: I checked with Mr. Curt Young of the Public Disclosure Commission (that's "public," not "political"). He told me that the P.D.C. did not pre-approve the content of the city mailings (all three of them). The Public Disclosure Commission simply reviewed the text to be sure that there were no violations of the law, such as asking the voters to vote "yes" on the bond Issue. They did not require documentation on anything else, such as the city stating that the cost of a City Hall was "estimated" at between $4 and $5 million.
   Second: The Comprehensive Plan is not set in concrete. It can be added to and parts of it can be modified, deleted or, once deleted, put back in. Was it by coincidence that the 1999 bond issue was deleted just prior to the $6,000,000 bond election? I think not. Had the bonds passed, any four members of the City Council could have put the 1999 bonds back into the Comprehensive Plan.
   I do agree with one statement that he made: "Please, let's all practice democracy the old-fashioned way, through reasoned debate, respectful disagreement, and most of all, the complete and accurate facts." Too bad that Deputy Mayor Brocha doesn't practice what he preaches.
   Don't be surprised if he now wants the council to issue Councilmanic Bonds to purchase and rehabilitate the old schoolhouse and the Sorenson complex. If he does, the 1999 bond issue that was "deleted" will be put back in and moved up to 1996 or '97 with the dollar amount increased. On that, you can bet the farm.

Bob Dixon, former City Councilmember, Woodinville