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Christian Coalition doesn't speak for all Christians

media bias I'm sick of the unrelenting attacks the liberal establishment makes against the Christian Coalition. Just as the Democrat Party does not speak for all Democrats, the Christian Coalition doesn't speak for all Christians, but they are supporting Republicans because the Democrat leadership and the president lack principles and character.
   What they are fighting is a moral decay in America that now has become so bad that a majority of Americans are supporting a president "they" admit they believe to be a liar and a crook.
   And where is the focus on the interests supporting Clinton? Director Stephen Spielberg just received a $1 million grant from the government to do a film. A highly unethical, if probably illegal act, considering Spielberg and his company, DreamWorks, gave $2 million to the DNC that Clinton is "illegally" using for campaign ads.
   And last week, Clinton attended one of several private Hollywood fundraisers that brought in $4.5 million in one night. Just these two items from Hollywood's liberals amount to one third of the Christian Coalition's annual giving. Where's the media's investigation of Hollywood's patronage to Clinton?
   The media should focus on stories like International Laborers Union president Arthur A. Coia and his ties to organized crime, then report how much he's given to Clinton and the DNC, and "investigate" why Clinton has invited him to the White House two dozen times. Then the media must follow these stories to their conclusion and not drop them when new scandals break.
   It's ironic, if not planned, that Clinton's ever-multiplying scandals have been his best defense against them.

Michael Costello, Redmond