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Pastors serve the valley

dedicated pastors The pastors in the valley are dedicated to providing programs for adults, youth, children, and families as a whole. Enrichment in the lives of young people and families is desperately needed, and pastors work tirelessly to provide that.
   We would like to give a special "thank you" to Pastor Chet and his wife Penny Kwiat who have served the Lower Valley for over 10 years. Pastor Chet has provided a warm and comfortable place for worship to hundreds of families, instituted a benevolent fund and food bank, visited and encouraged the sick, married our young people, counseled our distressed, and reached out a cooperative hand to other churches in our area.
   Penny has worked continually with young children in Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, Wednesday night Adventure Club, teen Bible Study, and Ladies LIFT program, and is currently teaching at the Duvall Church Preschool. Everyone who knows Penny knows she has a passion for her calling and working with children.
   Pastor Chet and Penny are assisted by a new, but remarkable, staff who oversee the youth and Christian education departments: Pastor John Olson and Steve Carrier. We love these people and want to say "Thank you for all that you do."
   Please take time to send a note of "Thanks" to your pastor and pray for them and their families.

Dale Foote, Chairman of the Board of Stewards, Duvall Evangelical Methodist Church