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Meeting the Cedar County challenge

Cedar County In the past three months, dedicated volunteers gathered an additional 11,321 signatures to establish Cedar County. This number should be sufficient for Cedar County to move forward in the process of becoming an independent county. We will have the answer when validation is finished in mid-October.
   We residents of the future Cedar County are indebted to these neighbors who generously gave their time getting signatures to ensure all of us the opportunity of a lifetime--a fresh start with local county government!
   We thank as well the more than 34,000 residents who have signed the petition since this effort began. Your confidence in the ability of our local residents to better govern ourselves is to be commended.
   The show of community support by local merchants who placed petitions in their businesses has been invaluable to our ongoing effort. A special acknowledgment goes to local groceries for lending their entry way to our volunteers: QFC in Carnation and North Bend, Thriftway in North Bend, and The Family Grocer have all been wonderful.
   As the chairman, I'd like to praise the perseverance of the Cedar County Committee. I thank each of them for their time, talent, and hard work. Like pieces in a patchwork quilt, each discovered they had a particular place in the undertaking and became a perfect fit. We are all indebted to them for their commitment.
   If you still have a petition with signatures, please send it to P.O. Box 497, Hobart, WA 98025. We will submit remaining petitions in October. Please call 836-0272 for further information.

On behalf of Cedar County Committee,
Lois Y. Gustafson