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Family month begins in Northshore

Bothell, Woodinville plan activities and fun

Family Month by Jeff Switzer
Both Woodinville and Bothell have declared October "Family Month," emphasizing plans for fun family activities throughout both communities and recognizing the many faces of the community involved.
   "No matter what shape your family takes, you're still a part of the community," said Don Julien, library manager at Woodinville Library and Roundtable coordinator.
   In one way, the project was born from a need for a venue to inform the community of the services available to Northshore families. Since then it has blossomed, as the business community and the school district have enthusiastically jumped on board to give area residents pedestrian-friendly activities in the downtown.
   The Community Harvest Celebration will take place the final weekend of October, when businesses plan to coordinate with the last weekend of the Farmer's Market and the Holiday Craft Fair with plans for a hayride throughout town as an alternative to driving.
   "It won't be the wild exuberance of the All-Fools Day Parade, but a lower-key celebration scattered throughout the city that acknowledges the strength of the community and families," said Julien.
   Schools are putting together scarecrows and photo collages for display at City Hall, around downtown, and at the library.
   Throughout the month of October there will be many activities, including community cleanups, viewing of salmon spawning, career forums, and ice cream socials.
   Here are the activities planned for the first two weeks of October, along with their contacts: