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Cedar County signatures may go over the top

Cedar County Cedar County proponents presented 11,231 signatures for the establishment of Cedar County to the Secretary of State on Sept. 16.
   At the end of May, the Cedar County Committee learned they needed an additional 6,419 valid signatures to meet the constitutional requirement to form a new county. They said they feel the additional 11,231 will put them over the 22,517 necessary to move forward in the process.
   "To get over 11,000 signatures in three months is a true measure of the mood of the rural residents. They are ready and waiting for local government. Volunteers came forward in record numbers to help in any way they could," said Lois Gustafson, who chairs the committee.
   Cedar County proponents say they are in a holding pattern awaiting the results of the count from King County Records and Elections in mid-October. Secretary of State Ralph Munro has pledged to keep the process moving forward, but has stated repeatedly that his office will not certify the results as an election.
   Proponents say they are baffled by Munro's "inability to understand" the constitutional provision for a vote by petition for new county formation.
   "We will take this one step at a time and continue working with the Secretary on this important issue," Gustafson said. "His insistence that we must take this to court before his office will certify our election is an absolute outrage and insult, not only to the residents of the future Cedar County but to every resident of this state."