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People want to use all of Cottage Lake Park

Cottage Lake Park After years of fiddling and fuming, the Army Corps of Engineers finally has a plan from the King County Parks Department on the future usage of Cottage Lake Park.
   One half the park is doomed to stagnate because of a creek whose summertime flow won't fill a tin cup in a long minute. The plan to create a buffer zone on either side of the creek (100 feet) is full of big dollars for trees, shrubs, bushes, and "native vegetation." In other words, keep people out and away.
   The only kicker in that proposal is the rest of the stream which runs down the valley behind Bear Creek School, the fire station, off the corner of the parking lot, and underneath Woodinville-Duvall Road, all without one thin dime of "protective shrubbery" except the school property.
   Now then, Norm's Resort hosted "public events" for over 40 years with thousands of people attending. Norm Fragner kept the place and lake clean. The fishing was good. The place was a haven for kids to swim, fish, and play. Community events by local citizen groups were popular beyond belief, and, I might add, it didn't cost a quarter to get in. Norm was given the "Acorn" award from Cottage Lake School for his public generosity.
   So! If you want to see some good common sense used in planning this park, call the King County Parks Department, or Louise Miller at 296-1003, or the Army Corps of Engineers. Tell them we want to use all the park.

Chuck Eberhart, Woodinville