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Questions for the 'Taxpayer's Watchdog'

Taxpayer's Watchdog I recently was reviewing documents from the Fire District and discovered an interesting fact. At the Feb. 5, 1996 meeting, Commissioner David Callon, "The Taxpayer's Watchdog," made a motion to have Snure Law Offices attend all meetings of the Fire District.
   Having an attorney come on the clock from Des Moines to each meetings on the taxpayer's dollar seems extremely frivolous. In the 13 years I have been involved, I have never seen an issue so urgent that it could not be put on hold until the following meeting after legal counsel could be contacted by phone to make a decision.
   In 1995, the entire year's legal bill for Snure Law Office was $3,613.70. Through August 1996, the legal bill for Snure Law Office is $34,122.46! Thank you, "Taxpayer's Watchdog!"
   I can hardly wait to see what else we are in store for. I think the "Taxpayer's Watchdog" has gone rabid.

The Dog Pound (Mary Baum), Woodinville