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Candidates exaggerate contributions to resolving issues

contributions exaggerated Incumbent Republican legislative candidates for the 39th and 44th Districts greatly exaggerate their contributions to resolving the toll road issue.
   On the contrary, if we had depended on any of them, we would now enjoy privately-run toll roads on six state highways, with more to look forward to.
   Representative Schmidt, 44th District, wasted much time insisting on the situation's inevitability. He not only worked to kill efforts to repeal the problem law, he then wanted to pay the developers back for their troubles.
   Only when an entire room of citizens stood up against this did he relent. This was the meeting our not-so-dynamic Bill Thompson slept through until the subject of prisons came up. Bill jumped from his stupor, and rubbing his hands with glee expounded about hard labor prisons that sounded a lot like concentration camps for troubled youth. Eliminate school psychologists and counselors to save money and help families, he suggested (not to mention create more demand for his camps).
   No one knows what 39th district representatives, Stevens and Koster, did on the toll issue.
   Senators Jeanine Long, a Republican, and Kevin Quigley, a Democrat, of all Snohomish politicians, deserve the most credit for diligent and effective work for their constituents, especially on toll roads.
   Jerry Dickson, a citizen advocate for years, worked tirelessly against toll roads. In fact, the deplorable lack of representation induced Mr. Dickson to run for the legislature for Mr. Thompson's seat.
   Mr. Dickson's commitment to the community is genuine. Wearing out his shoes in Olympia, saving our families from $1,000 toll bills came after years of work for various causes, including school reform, EPA designation for the Cross Valley Sole Source Aquifer, fighting a landfill, and the supplemental airport sitings in Snohomish County.
   So what did our incumbents work for? Mr. Schmidt sponsored an amendment against flag burning in Washington. Mr. Thompson believes same-sex marriage is the biggest economic threat facing our state.
   They and their 39th district counterparts all voted for many regrettable bills, including one blaming workers for on-the-job injuries and another that would have repealed the ban on ozone-depleting chemicals. Who needs representation like this?
   Two civic leaders, candidates Jerry Dickson of Maltby and Kent Hanson of Mill Creek, care about what families of the 44th district care about and deserve to represent us in Olympia.

Laura L. Hartman, Snohomish