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Legislators condonining 'murder at breakneck speed'

murder condoned? I want to ask a volatile question. Why do legislators across America condone murder at breakneck speed?
   Now, you will respond, "Of course they don't, what's the matter with you!" Read the next few lines very carefully.
   Our Senators and Congressmen and President have broken all tradition over the past few years. They have made it nearly impossible to sentence someone convicted of a crime of total devastation (murder, incest, etc.) to the death penalty. This leaves them in the prison system for many, many, many years, eating up tax dollars as the seconds pass.
   And what did they do to warrant this extraordinary treatment? They murdered, raped, slaughtered our friends, our children, our families. Now that deserves some kind of award, wouldn't you say?
   On the other hand, our President, our Senators, and our Congressmen in this past year have indicated they favor the process of "partial-birth-abortion." It was bad enough when they said that abortion wasn't murder until the infant was viable and could maintain life outside the womb. They judge a person dead when his heart stops beating. Does that say anything to you people at all?

Donna Christian, Lynnwood